Fringe Guru is an established independent cultural website, dedicated to impartial coverage of fringe festivals.  We were founded in Edinburgh in 2007, and we're well-known in Brighton, home of the world's second-largest mixed arts festival each May.  We're also active in London and other cities around the UK, and this year marks our first trip to Amsterdam.

We're owned and run by a team of Fringe enthusiasts, principally based in Scotland.  Our co-founders are Richard Stamp, our editor and lead reviewer, and David Court, who looks after the website and manages the technical side.  Craig Thomson is responsible for guarding our ethical standards.

Our ethos is to aim for selective quality coverage, in preference to completism or rapid growth.  We'll never be the largest reviewer, but we hope we'll earn your trust.  We have no news agenda to maintain and no external shareholders to satisfy – so we're free to do what we think is best to inform the public and support the work we love.

The Fringe Guru website is run by Fringe Guru Ltd, a company registered in Scotland, number SC360286.  As well as this website, we're also the company behind the iFringe mobile app.

Why do we write in English?

Fringe Guru is based in the UK.  The Amsterdam Fringe has invited us to provide English-language coverage as a service to tourists and other visitors to the Netherlands, who may find existing local media difficult to access.

With around 50% of the Fringe programme performed in English (or with no spoken words), we believe this is a valuable opportunity to extend the reach of the Amsterdam Fringe to the English-speaking community.

Get in touch by email is our email address for general enquiries.

If you're writing to invite us to review a show at the Amsterdam Fringe, please be aware that we only cover the "Language No Problem" section of the programme.

Get in touch by phone

+44 131 20 80 403 is our phone number for:

  • enquiries from the general public
  • advertising bookings and related enquiries
  • administrative issues, for example to follow up on a ticket request we've made.

Do you want to contact us by post?

We prefer to receive press releases by email.  That's because our team is split between Edinburgh, Brighton and York, and some of us travel from place to place depending on what we're covering at the time.  If you do have something you'd like to send us, please email us first, and we'll give you a specific address based on who's best-placed to read it.

Our registered office

Our registered office address at which formal legal documents may be served is Summit House, 4-5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh EH6 7BD.

Don't send press releases to this address, because they are unlikely to reach us.  This address is only for certain formal communications, such as legal notices or requests to examine our company register.  Even if you want to make a complaint, to ensure a timely response please contact us by email instead.